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Prepaid IBAN Current Account gives customers:

  • Access to a fully regulated IBAN Current account with full functionality complete with a prepaid Mastercard, online and “app” access without a complicated sign up procedure;
  • A unique EURO International Bank Account Number;
  • Access to SEPA payment platform for incoming and outgoing payments either once off or recurring;
  • Worldwide access to your money and payments via any ATM or point of sale which displays the Mastercard logo or via Cheetah Money’s mobile devices;
  • Card Functionality enabling use of ATM Debit and POS providing global solutions with enhanced functionality and anti-fraud controls;
  • Send and accept SWIFT payments;
  • No credit checks or credit history reports required when opening a Cheetah Money Current account!
The Cheetah Money Prepaid Mastercard is personalized and posted to the customer according to your order confirmation. The card will be set up once the account is approved and can be loaded immediately.

The Cheetah Money Prepaid IBAN Current Account is particularly suitable for the following target groups:

  • People with a negative credit history and who have had problems opening current accounts with banks or credit card providers in the past;
  • People who consider it important to have a Mastercard enabling them to access their money globally at point of sale or via an ATM;
  • Consumers who require highest standards of payment security (No danger of overspending due to the prepaid nature of the account, Chip & PIN for secure payments POS and ATM withdrawals);
  • Companies interested in company salary payment and credit card solutions.

What you must do

to become a Cheetah Money Affiliate:

If you wish to apply to refer customers to Cheetah Money and become a Cheetah Money affiliate so that you can earn commission on your referrals please write a short email to: providing the following information:

  • First name and surname, address, email address, phone number;
  • Address(es) of your website(s) (if applicable);
  • Experience with prepaid credit cards and products similar to Cheetah Money (however please note experience is not mandatory);
  • Anticipated level of new accounts